The Family Practice Nurses Association of Nova Scotia was founded in 2007.

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to advance Family Practice Nursing in Nova Scotia through collaborative networks and support systems and by promoting our vision and standard of care.

Benefits of Membership:

The benefits of formalizing into an association are to produce the resources (both human and financial) to pursue advocacy, leadership and quality practice for registered nurses working in family practice settings across the province.

  • Access to networking forums
  • Biannual Conference
  • Notice of job opportunities
  • Information shared with members via email and website pertaining to public health, immunizations, or policy changes affecting Family Practice.
  • Education opportunities- information shared via email and on the website pertaining to educational seminars , workshops, or committees that may be of interest to a Family Practice Nurse
  • United voice for Family Practice Initiatives
  • To discuss and affect change and to meet the challenges posed by Family Practice.
  • Joint membership with the Canadian Family Practice Association, with access to  all of their resources.
  • Opportunity to participate on either the Nova Scotia or Canadian Family Practice Association as executive members.

Who we are:

President: Kelly Silver

Vice President: Sandra Witherbee

Membership Secretary/Treasurer: Bonnie Peterson

Education Chair: Tammy Calabrese

Member at Large: Heather Hayman

Recording Secretary: Position vacant

Association Bylaws: