Care Directives and Examples

“A care directive (CD) is an order written by an authorized prescriber for an intervention or series of interventions to be implemented by another care provider (e.g., registered nurse) for a range of clients with identified health conditions or health needs, only when specific circumstances exist.” (College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia).  For example, a care directive might allow you to initiate an intervention independently that is already within your scope of practice  that would otherwise require a doctor’s order to implement.

Reminder: Care directives need to be adapted to specific work places and organizations. For example, if you work in private practice and are using a care directive created by the Nova Scotia Health Authority it will need to be adapted to your organization and signed by your own collaborators. For more information on how to do this contact the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia:

Disclaimer: FPNANS bears no responsibility for the content of these care directives, they are complied from outside sources for your convenience. 

Suture & Staple Removal
Initial Management of Anaphylaxis Following Immunization

Developed by Capital Health District Authority, Nova Scoita 2009: MM 20-005 Initial Mgmt of Anaphylaxis fwling Immunication Oct 2009

Developed by GASHA region, Nova Scotia 2012: Nursing Policy 1-740

Bloodwork/laboratory ordering and obtaining specimens
Anticoagulation Therapy

Developed by Kildonan Medical Centre, SOGH, Manitoba 2009: KMC_Anticoagulation_Delegation

Cerumen Impaction Removal

Developed by St. Joseph’s Care Group (2009):ear_syringe_med_direct (1)

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