NSHA has partnered with Wounds Canada to offer a regional conference on April 12th & 13th in Halifax, NS. This 2-day conference (Friday & Saturday) will deliver evidenced-based education, tailored to meet the specific needs of this region in regards to wound prevention and management. The curriculum was designed to meet the specific regional ‘asks’ generated from the needs assessment disseminated this past summer.

This event is an interprofessional event that is designed to target health care professional from all sectors (LTC, Acute and Ambulatory Care, PHC, Emergency Services, etc).

With the recent issue of pressure injury coming to the forefront in our region, there has been a call for education and collaboration on a number of wound-related issues: diabetic foot, peripheral arterial ulcers and other lower extremity ulcers, burns, surgical site infections and skin disorders.

I addition to the 2- day conference there are 3 additional educational programs being offered : 2 before the conference on Thursday, April 11th (1. Skills Workshop – full day, and 2. Unregulated workers – designed for CCA for pressure and skin trauma prevention). On Saturday, April 13th there will be a 4-hour course designed specifically for PHC practitioners (prescribers). The costs for these add-on courses are available on the Wounds Canada website. This is a valuable opportunity for those working in the Primary Health Care to become more knowledgeable in wound prevention and management.

Please take a few minutes to explore the links below to become more informed on what is being offered. The conference agenda, registration information etc. is available for your review. Perhaps you or one of your co-workers can benefit from participating in this event. Please pass on this information feel appropriate to include as many health professional in NS.

Wounds Canada Video: promo for Halifax 2019 (April) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yk2X27lE7s

Wounds Canada Spring 2019 Regional Conference in Halifax: Registration link  www.woundscanada.ca/conference

Wounds Canada Institute Courses https://www.woundscanada.ca/wci-home