Dear Colleagues,

On April 28, 2018 I was honored to accept the presidency of the Canadian Family Practice Nurses
Association of Canada. CFPNA provides a national voice for nurses in primary care through
leadership, mentorship and fostering expertise.

In my professional life I am the Executive Director of the Palliser Primary Care Network. Prior to this I
worked in mental health (community nursing, crisis intervention, and mental health outreach).
Additionally I worked as a mental health educator working in all areas of acute and community care in
areas ranging from program development and administration, classroom education, patient
assessment, performance management and employee development. I have worked & volunteered
across many sectors including police, emergency services, family violence and education.

I hold a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of Lethbridge, a certificate in Advanced Studies in
Mental Health from Mount Royal College and a Master’s in Education from the University of Southern
Queensland. I am currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration through the University
of Liverpool. My professional areas of interest include dialectics, lifelong learning, professional
competencies and continuous improvement in primary care.

During this time, Nursing Week in Canada, I would like you to consider the leader within. Sometimes
when we think of leadership we think of individuals in administrative roles or positional leaders.
However, I believe each and every family practice/primary care nurse is a leader and is in a powerful
leadership position. It is through your commitment, professionalism and dedication that primary care
and the associated improvements in patient care and quality of service will come to fruition. I
encourage you to take the time to ponder your vocation; to gather the pride you felt when you donned
your nurses’ cap or were awarded your certificate of graduation. It is this passion that will enable you
to educate and advocate for improvements in primary care for the patients you serve. Leadership
comes in many forms; harness your distinctive style, in your unique position, to achieve those
improvements which will move primary care and ultimately the entire health care system forward.

I hope you will take the time, particularly during National Nursing Week, to celebrate yourselves and
each other. Recognize the impact you have on your patients and the team you work with. Tell your
friends, family and colleagues what you are doing to improve our healthcare system for the
generations to come.

I feel so very privileged to lead such a talented group of professionals.

Treena Klassen R.N., B.N., A.S.M.H., M.Ed